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Filmed in intimate theaters, smoky nightclubs and a massive symphony hall with full orchestra, take a look at some highlights from my stage mind reading act, “Stream of Consciousness.” It’s painted with a pretty wide brush, and should give you an overall feeling for the tone of my show and the kinds of things I do. [15MB Quicktime format.]

High quality DVDs with additional screens, printable photos and PDF files are available on request.



Single sheet descriptions of my unique presentations, in PDF format:

Link to performance in the Ultimate Taxi

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Useful downloads for existing clients working on print material or staging:

Stream of Consciousness

My signature interactive keynote and banquet performance.

Meeting Host Services

Giving focus and continuity to your speakers, meetings and message.

Informal Performance

When a stage and microphone are impractical or undesirable.

Tour de Farce

One man comedy/variety show. Perfect for audiences that have seen my signature show before.

Getting Personal

Short bio sheet provides a revealing glimpse at my background and career.

Printable Headshot

Color image for your use.

Printable Headshot

Grayscale image for your use.

Technical Requirements

Simple tech sheet for my stage performances. Modest. Standard. Worry-free.

Special Guest

Exclusive private party entertainment staged in your own home.

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Recent photo/article in USA Today

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EG Conference

“On Mystery”--my acclaimed 16 minute talk from The EG Conference in Monterey, 2008. (Unedited.)

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“When Fake is Real”--a disturbing 9 minute talk about the placebo effect at TEDMED, 2009.

(Not suitable for anyone squeamish about needles or blood.)

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