"I will vouch for his brilliance." • Jeff Bezos

Eric Mead is a performing artist who defies categorization. As an onstage travel guide, he conducts interactive tours of the fantastic, where imagination is king, laughter erupts at every turn, and everything you know about the world is called into question.

What separates Eric from his contemporaries are the larger ideas he brings into his performances. Eric insists that entertainment is the most powerful tool available for effective and meaningful communication.  His magic, his humor, his play with the audience are all aimed at sharing his unique point of view, making deep emotional connections, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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Penn & Teller: Fool Us (9:47)

Motion Pictures are Magic (11:56)




"Eric is a peerless after dinner entertainer. 14 years in a row with us, and already booked for next year."

Luke Evnin

Founding Partner • MPM Capital



"I wouldn't dream of throwing a party without you."

Mark Robinson 

Founding Partner • Centerview Partners



"This was the most successful product launch we've ever done. Thank you."

Ian Smith

COO • Vertex Pharmeceuticals

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One of more than a dozen talks Eric has given for TED and TEDMED. A terrific example of how complex information and difficult ideas can be illustrated with magic. Beware, there will be blood.

Magic and Science


A lengthy and rather challenging talk about the intersection of science and magic, including slides about the relative direction of meteors, a bizarre laminar flow demonstration with colored fluid, two magic effects, and a carefully chosen curse word. 

Collaboration with Joshua Bell


Joshua Bell is among the greatest living violinists, and most respected artists of our day. Listen in on Joshua and Eric's lively onstage conversation about music and magic, art vs. craft, about the rigors of practice, and the delightful overlap of technically demanding art forms. If you want to skip over their chatter to the last three minutes, you'll hear Mr. Bell play a lovely little bouncy piece by Bach, as Mead performs visual sleight of hand to accompany the music.

TED Radio Hour on NPR


An interview by Guy Raz on the popular NPR program, TED Radio Hour about one of Eric's TED talks, the malleability of memory, and the manufacture of false reality.

Don't Blink


A favorite and absurdly complex card trick introduces a session Eric curated for the EG Conference. It takes a while to get there, but man, what a payoff. Don't blink.  



Eric Mead's talk, The Magic of Placebo has attracted more than one million views at www.ted.com.

Eric has presented at the prestigious TEDMED conference a record 13 times. 

He is a 9 time speaker at The Entertainment Gathering (EG Conference), and is now the co-director of the conference.

At The Aspen Ideas Festival  Eric designed and facilitated a curriculum of multi-day educational sessions for 7 consecutive years.

His resume in this field includes almost every marquee conference in the world, keynotes for dozens of fortune 500 companies, and audiences as large as the 10,000 scientists who recently attended his keynote address at the Society for Neuroscience annual gathering in Chicago. 

Richard Saul Wurman, the founder of TED, called Eric Mead "My secret weapon, who never misses."


Eric Mead created, wrote, and associate produced two successful magic themed television series: Magic Man for Travel Channel in the US, and Magic Asia for AXN Network in Singapore.

On Fox Family's hit series Masters of Illusion, Eric was given the honor of appearing twice in a single season.

Recently Eric was featured on the popular show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Not only did he completely mystify two of the most knowledgeable and experienced magicians in the world, but Penn Jillette said Mead's performance was, "The finest sleight of hand we've seen on the show."  (See video above)

Although he has played small roles in a number of documentaries and feature films, critics universally praised Mead's scene stealing turn in the film The Aristocrats with Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, John Stewart and the Smothers Brothers.

For a look at Mead's more thoughtful and scholarly side, his lengthy interview in the feature documentary Our Magic is incredibly wide ranging and revelatory.


Eric is also an accomplished and respected author in his field. He’s written numerous books on diverse subjects like advanced sleight of hand technique, the business of show business, communication through the arts, the death of imagination, and the psychology of deception from the stage. 

Tangled Web (Hermetic Press, 2007), a collection of essays, original magic effects and innovative methods for advanced magicians, became a best seller in the genre, is now headed into it’s fourth printing, and has been translated into five languages. 

Misdirected is the working title of Mead’s next book for the general public, due in fall of 2021. Inquiries about Misdirected should go to Mead's literary agent, James Levine at Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency.


For information or booking inquiries:

Extensive international travel means not every call is answered immediately. Please leave a message and Eric or a member of his team will get back with you within 24 hours.